Event: Joanna Rakoff and Edan Lepucki

book 3    tumblr_myofn3H7lv1r6xvfko1_1280

I’m lucky to have such wonderful indie booksellers in Boston and Brookline Booksmith is a favorite of mine. Their author events are wonderful and last week I attended an event with authors Joanna Rakoff and Edan Lepucki. Lepucki (of Colbert show fame) shed some interesting light on the dystopian movement in literature as of late and Joanna Rakoff was as exuberant and interesting as always. It’s great to see these young female authors taking over the bestseller lists with their well-written, thought provoking books and it’s great to see the collaborative and supportive nature of this young talent group.  I’m especially interested in Rakoff’s memoir and its portrayal of the New York literary and publishing scene in the 90’s.


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